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Jiangsu Chuncha Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Chuncha Group's origin dates back to 1983, mainly deals in various packing machines, including: shrink packing machine, different kinds of packing material, paper/tissue processing equipment, carton erector and sealing machine, Intelligent packaging line, all kinds of non-standard customized equipment.
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Now there are more than 50 professional and technical personnel, and the performance is growing at a rate of 30%-50% per year.
In the field of packaging machinery, Chuncha has been persistently pursuing the quality.
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Crutch Automatic Packaging Production Line
Shrink Packaging Case Side sealing machine+ conveyor+ shrinking machine+ carton flap folding and sealing machine. It is used for the packaging line of the shrinking packaging of long objects and the manual filling products into the carton. This packaging line is suitable for all kinds of autom...
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Motor Oil Automatic Packaging Production Line
Plastic Oil Barrel Automatic Palletizing Line After the plastic oil cylinder is blown into the conveyor, the whole body of the bottle is inspected and weighed during the transmission process. The rejected products are rejected and the qualified products are stacked and wound. ...
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On November 25th, the four-day "Packaging World (Shanghai) Expo" in Shanghai New International Expo Center was launched as scheduled! On the first day of the exhibition, Qunchang was particularly eye-catching! ...
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