Disposable child
Disposable child
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1. Product structure and composition

This product is composed of non-woven fabric, meltblown filter cloth, nose bridge strip and mask tape. It consists of two layers of non-woven fabric sandwiched with a layer of meltblown filter cloth and folded by ultrasonic compound. The mask is equipped with a nose clip made of a bendable plastic material.

2. Instructions for use

(1) Open the small package of the product, and place the side of the mask with the nose clip up, and hang the elastic bands on both ears;

(2) Gently press the nose clip to fit the bridge of the nose, then press and hold the nose clip to pull the lower end of the mask to the jaw;

(3) Organize the wearing effect of the mask so that it completely covers the bridge of the nose to the jaw to achieve the best effect.

3. Transportation and storage conditions

This product should be stored in a room with a relative humidity not exceeding 80%, well ventilated, non-corrosive gas, fireproof, anti-theft, moisture-proof, rodent-proof and tapeworm-proof equipment. The storage period should be within the validity period. Avoid direct sunlight and rain during transportation.

4. Scope of application

This mask is a single-use product, used for sanitary care in public health places, to block the spread of dust and other particles in the air, prevent it from entering the human body, and avoid cross infection.


Rubber Mask 14.5 * 9.5cm

6. Notes

(1) Before using the product, check whether the packaging is intact, and confirm the external packaging mark, production date, and validity period, and use it within the validity period.

(2) This product is a one-time product. Please use it as soon as possible after unpacking. The maximum wearing time is 24 hours.

(3) Please read the instruction manual carefully before wearing; the product should be disposed of according to the regulations of the environmental protection department after use.

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