Medical PVC Exam Gloves
Medical PVC Exam Gloves

1. Product performance, main ingredients

  • It is worn on the doctor's hand to check or touch the patient's condition. This product is made of polyvinyl chloride. Have sufficient strength and barrier properties. Non-sterile, single-use.

2. Scope of application

  • With thousands to prevent cross-infection between doctors and patients, suitable for medical workers, home cleaning, nursing staff.

3. Process flow chart

4. Product raw materials:

  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC powder), plasticizer, calcium zinc stabilizer, viscosity reducer, PU (or corn starch), color paste, the raw materials of this product are non-toxic and harmless.

5. Main production equipment:

  • batching mixing tank, PVC gloves production line, packaging conveyor.

6. Notes

  • • The product is intended for adults
    • Please use in the environment of 10°C-30°C
    • Trim your nails before wearing them. Too long or sharp nails can easily damage your gloves
    • Do not wear rings or other accessories while wearing gloves
    • This product is disposable, please do not use it repeatedly
    • If you have an allergy, stop using it immediately
    • Avoid contact with strong chemicals such as acids, alkalis, organic solvents, etc., which may cause deterioration or damage to gloves.

7. Storage and transportation conditions and methods

  • Stored in a room with relative humidity ≤80%, no direct sunlight, no corrosive gas and well ventilated.

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