Prоtective Isоlаtioп Fаce Shіеld
Prоtective Isоlаtioп Fаce Shіеld
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Protective isolation mouth cover This product can effectively prevent medical personnel from splashing pollutants on the face during treatment and inspection. It also has a good anti-fog function, provides a clear vision for treatment, and can be worn in the kitchen. The splash mouth cover, the head type is composed of a protective sheet, a sponge and an elastic band, and the frame type is composed of a protective sheet, a frame and an anti-drop ear hook. This product is widely used in various medical activities that need to protect the operator's face. The product is only used as an operator contaminating splashes in medical activities. It is strictly forbidden to use this product to replace protective equipment such as bacteria and other infectious diseases.
1. Delicate skin-friendly sponge, soft and comfortable, more sweat-absorbent, prevent sweat blurred vision.

2. High-quality PET material, high perspective, no odor, not easy to deform, smooth surface, etc.

3. Nylon elastic webbing, suitable for wearing big head and small head, strong elasticity and durable.

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Full face mouth cover





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