YH-830 Bi-Level PAP Device
YH-830 Bi-Level PAP Device
1.Scope of application:
For adult patients with ARDS, hypoventilation syndrome, for bi-level non-invasive ventilation in a hospital or home.

2.The main function:
1.Different treatment options can be provided according to patients' needs, from CPAP to S, T, S / T, VGPS five modes 。
2.Adjustable trigger sensitivity.
3.Real-time monitoring and recording of blood oxygen saturation.
4.alarm function.
5.Record function (SD card).
6.Maximum leak compensation function. 60L/min
1.Working mode: CPAP, S, T,  ST, VGPS.
2.Ventilation parameters:

2.1Inspiratory pressure: 4-30 cmH2O (0.5 cmH2O interval)
2.2Expiratory pressure: 4-30 cmH2O (0.5 cmH2O interval)

2.3Treatment pressure: 4-20 cmH2O (in CPAP mode, 0.5 cmH2O interval)
2.4Delayed boost: 0-45 minutes (interval of 5 minutes)

2.5Breathing frequency: 5-50 times / minute (interval 1 time / minute)
2.6Breathing ratio: 10-70% (interval of 1%)

2.7Rise time: 1-5 steps (1 step interval, 1 step rises fastest, 5 steps rises most slowly)
2.8Inhalation sensitivity: 1-5 steps (1 step interval, 1st step triggers fastest, 5th step 1st step triggers slowest)
2.9Exhalation sensitivity: 1-5 (1 interval, the 1st trigger is the fastest, 5th and 1st the slowest)
2.10Tidal volume: 50-1500ml (effective in VGPS mode, interval 50ml)、
3.VGPS(same with AVAPS,can set Target tidal volume)mode:
3.1Maximum IPAP value adjustable range: 4-30 cmH2O

3.2Adjustable range of minimum IPAP value: 4-30 cmH2O
3.3EPAP value adjustable range: 4-30 cmH2O

3.4Target Tidal Volume: 50-1500ml
4.Display range of monitoring setting parameters:

4.1Respiratory waveform can be displayed;
4.2Current mode: CPAP, S, T,  ST, VGPS

4.3Inspiratory pressure: 4-30 cmH2O
4.4Expiratory pressure: 4-30 cmH2O

4.5Breathing frequency: 5-50 times / minute
4.6Breathing ratio: 10-70%

4.7Air leakage: 20-99.9lpm
4.8Tidal volume: 50-1500ml

4.9minute ventilation: 0-50lpm
4.10Blood oxygen saturation: 70-100%

4.11Pulse rate: 25-250bpm
4.12Delay boost: 0-45 minutes

5.Alarm items:
5.1High pressure sound prompt: Turn on / off sound prompt

5.2Low minute ventilation sound prompt: Turn on / off sound prompt, can be set to 1-10L (interval 1L)
5.3Air leakage sound prompt: on / off
5.4Power off sound prompt: on / off

5.5Choking voice prompt: On / off, choking time can be set to 10-40 seconds (interval of 5 seconds)

5.6Low Tidal Volume Sound Prompt: On / Off, Set Tidal Volume Value Range 50-500ml ((Interval 50ml))


1.Weight: about 1500g
6.2Operating temperature: 5-35 ° C
6.3Relative humidity: 10% -90%
6.4Power supply: input is AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 1.8A Max; output: DC 24V, 3.33A.
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